January, 2005


IN.A.D.E. was officially founded in 2001 by 103 Greek citizens living or originating from the region of Western Greece. The Institute is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with currently 150 members from the scientific, political and entrepreneurial society mainly from the regions of Achaia, Aitoloakarnania, Ileia and Arcadia. It is best described as a modern "Think Tank" that brings into public attention and discussion important economic and development issues. Its main goal is to improve the living standards of the citizens of Western Greece by developing a viable and healthy economical activity while respecting and promoting the cultural and educational status of Western Greece.

The Institute has three main directions:
1. The promotion of Greece's European identity and in particular towards a greater involvement of the Region in European issues.
2. The modernization of the Greek economy and the promotion and safeguarding of the rules of free economy.
3. A greater role for the High Technology aspects in the economy and the promotion of the information society issues.

Our vision is to activate, the local authorities and corresponding bodies, the state and the citizens in order to search and propose modern solutions and new models for sustainable development while carrying for the environment and the culture of the area.

We try through a number of organized public events and other activities to open new horizons for our society. Moreover we are trying to conduct a series of studies with concrete solutions for the major problems of Western Greece.
Among other activities since 2001 our Institute co-organized conferences such as: "GEFYRES" , "Tourist Development of Western Greece", "The EURO", "Pan European Athletic Journalists Conference in Patras", "The European Constitution" and the "European Enlargement - Perspectives and Opportunities".