By Mr. Jhon Taloumis

I would like to welcome Mrs Viaviane Reding, the new commissioner for the Information Society – Audiovisual Policy and relations with the Media Industry.

I would like also to welcome
Professor John Tsoukalas from the Ministry of Development and Professor Vasilis Asimakopoulos from the Ministry of Finance,

And I would like also to welcome all the good friends from the Telecommunication Industry as well as all friends from the Media.

It is the first time that people from Media are sitting in the same table with people from telecommunication. The reason is the introduction of the broadband networks.

We are serving the telecom industry for more than 30 years and all of us we are exciting with the today revolution.

Unfortunately in Greece we still fighting between the deregulation of the market and the future of this country, which has as a result the broadband access to remain at levels of 0,3% compared with 7% average in Europe.

The recent report from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs proposed 10 ICT break-thoughts to simulate economic growth in the EU. What was interesting about was the fact that the report recognised that the EU needs to catch up with leading information and communication technology countries such as Korea, India, China, USA and Japan

We must remove regulatory barries, to have access to puplic land to built highspeed infrastracture and finally to deregulate and have available the last mile.

The PTT infrastructure has been build with puplic funds and belongs to the citizens and must be returned to them as soon as is valuable, before will be too late.

The recent example that in order to reduce personel in OTE we have to pay 260,000 per employee (the cost of 40 years pendion) is a good example that the puplic sector cannot be the vehicle to explore the Broadband infrastructure.

I believe that the time is come to MOVE FROM THE STATE MONOPOLY TO CITIZENS ECONOMY and we have to move fast.

THE GOAL MUST BE TO LIBERATE THE HUMAN CREATIVENESS – I am sure that we have to win a lot from the creativity of the younfg people and we can ashive that by offreing equal opportnities to all.

The technologies are available DSL – Fiber – MAN - (Wi-fi) 3G – Broadbanmd over Power lines and a lot more.

The vision is

* No child must be left without receiving quality education and learn the basic skills will need to succeed in the future.
* No citizen must be left without medical record

* No citizen must be left without access to the government servives

* No citizen must be left without access to the today job market.

* No SME must be left without access to the today economy

All of us we have to work together to this direction under any political cost..

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